Coach Yourself To Better Health Audio CD

You don't have to join a gym unless you want to. Dr Dion Klein assists you in starting your personal journey in coaching yourself to better health. Enjoy this educational yet light-hearted conversation with Dr Dion and Jenny Blake about the beasic of health, fitness and well-being. How do you start a fitness program as well as overcome the challenges and find motivation? There are a also practical ways in choosing physical activities that will help you achieve results. The program includes a 40-minute Audio CD and a goal-setting form.

Sale Price: AUD$15.00 (inc GST)

Creating Balance in Life Audio CD

Your life is too important to stay on the treadmill and surpass having a fantastic quality of life. ‘Dr Dion’ takes a practical view on work-life balance identifying there is no such thing between ‘work’ and ‘life’ – work is a part of life and has fluctuating emphasis throughout our lives. The challenge is to find a sense of ‘stillness’ in our life where we feel complete with our work as well as those areas outside of our workplace.

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How to Create A Healthy Workplace Audio CD

Dr Dion Klein discusses the key areas that you need to consider when establishing, implementing or revitalizing a workplace health promotion program. It is no secret that PEOPLE are the most important asset in any organization, no matter what its size. With companies becoming more competitive in attracting and retaining staff, creating a healthy and fun place to work is imperative. Additionally, with the state of health in many nations and a 'lack of time' being the #1 excuse for not participating in healthy activities, companies can contribute to an employees’ health and well-being by implementing such programs in the workplace. Dr Dion shares his knowledge and experiences in how YOU can create a healthy workplace.

Sale Price: AUD$15.00 (inc GST)



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